India Update: Sunday Morning Worship!

picSunday morning we had an opportunity to worship with one of the larger churches in the area, with over 135 believers! We had a little trouble finding the church as the address brought us to a rather large Sikh temple. After sitting there for a while, one of the leaders walked from around the corner to get us. The church was in the same complex next to the temple!

As we walked into the service, they were just finishing up one of the last songs before each of the children would come up to share a verse they had memorized the week before. Imagine my surprised when one little girl, who was only fives years old, starting reciting word-for-word the entire Psalm 91. Wow.

This church was a more established church with a congregation of about 35 strong believers, and Pastor Solomon had been there for over 6 years.  Pastor Solomon had been praying about the opportunity to grow and multiply churches when he heard about TTI, and sent 25 men through one of the training centers. Those where some of the men we met at the training center on Friday, the church has started multiple small groups in the community, and two years later his congregation is 135 strong.

We had an opportunity to hear stories of life change, healing and boldness for sharing Christ, and an opportunity to pray for several people and family after the service. It was such a privilege to come together with this local Body of Christ in spirit and truth, to worship God and learn together as we looked at God’s word.

I trust your morning of worship was rich and fruitful, and grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from around the world!


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