Social Networking

Not to date myself, but I remember when Social Networking was a buzz word! Now it’s an everyday part of our vocabulary, and it seems like every year there is something new to sign-up for!  I’m always interested in new technology, but rather than getting overwhelmed with all the choices, It’s my goal to focus on being efficient with a select few.

I really enjoy Twitter, and checking out insights from a global community. I follow anyone I know and anyone that looks interesting, and I block anyone selling something.

Facebook I use to keep in touch with anyone I know personally. My friends are really people I know, and I typically accept all friend requests. Facebook is a great way to gather friends together based on a common interest, and from a ministry perspective, a great way to connect and share with others.

LinkedIn is a great professional network, and I connect with anyone that I have personally worked with and who has an up-to-date profile. If I don’t have a professional connection or work experience with someone, I would connect with them on Facebook instead of LinkedIn.

My blog pulls social networking together for me. Unlike Twitter, Facebook, etc., you do not need to have an account to interact and you can access it anywhere. In addition to pulling social networking together, it is a great place to capture thoughts, share insights, and rant on occasion.

Google+… I don’t know. I had one of the first accounts and I still haven’t figured out if it is worth my time.  It does offer some integration, but no big deal.

So, this is mentally what social networking looks like for me and how I use it. What do you think, and how do you use it?

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