Worth Watching – David Attenborough

Highly recommend taking the time to watch David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet. Really like David’s witness statement!

Word Population: 2.3 billion
Surface Wilderness: 66%

Word Population: 2.7 billion
Surface Wilderness: 64%

Word Population: 3.0 billion
Surface Wilderness: 62%

Word Population: 4.3 billion
Surface Wilderness: 55%

Word Population: 5.9 billion
Surface Wilderness: 46%

Word Population: 7.8 billion
Surface Wilderness: 36%

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Wollard/Fairbanks Alaska Missions Trip


My primary spiritual gift is missions. I will stop what I’m doing to go to people and talk about Jesus!  I have been a church-planting pastor for 17 years, and while my wife Carolyn has enabled me to be on this domestic missions journey, she and I have never had an opportunity to be on a missions trip together.  NextSteps Alaska will be our first trip together!

11631069_15182343960_r.jpgThis trip for us will be an opportunity to serve and seek what God has for us together as a couple at this stage of our lives.  It will be an opportunity to share and pour into the lives of others from Springbrook, and it will be an opportunity to serve and minister alongside locals and ministry partners on the ground in Fairbanks.

We will be posting more information and updates soon, but below is a link with some information about our upcoming Alaska Trip.  We need to raise $3,000 by May 1st, and if you are able to participate on our financial support team, we would be so grateful!  Use one of the online giving links below:

GoFundMe: gofundme.com/wollards-alaska
Paypal: ​paypal.me/RWollard

Please be praying for us!  If you would like to receive updates regarding our trip, click this Wollard-Alasaka Email Updates link!

Alaska Mission Trip Summary: PDF Statement Paper
Springbrook Community Church Alaska Trip: www.springbrook.org/alaska

We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.”
~ 1 Thessalonians 1:2

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