India Update: On Mission Together

Baptism Area

Baptism Area

I had a big part of the training time today, Thursday. I had covered the topic of purity the day before and most of the men were still talking about that. I have absolutely enjoyed these guys and really feel connected to these kindred church planters!

The topic today I was teaching on was “The most important relationships,” namely Jesus, spouse, family, and ministry mentoring. These sessions were absolutely a blast! I had some handouts, gave away some books, and the men really engaged with the topics. This day was the highlight of trip for me so far. I was really able to share from the heart the lessons I have learned in ministry.

My little stomach issue is on the backside, and I’m sad not to be pounding down some of these wonderful meals. After the training was over, I passed on dinner and playing cricket with the guys and headed off to bed for a 12 hour good night sleep. I’ve been getting 4-5 per night, and think it caught up with me. I’ll probably adjust just about the time I come home and get to do it all over again!

We are leaving Bangalore for Chandigarh Friday morning, and I’m looking forward to visiting some of the training centers there. Thank you for praying!

On the journey together,

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2 Responses to India Update: On Mission Together

  1. carolyn wollard says:

    it is 10 pm Sunday night. i’m really grateful I am not a single parent all the time. I am praying for you and Dan talked about you this morning. He showed up to introduce Jerry Sheveland ( who talked about the Converge group that was in India). Was at the church til 7:30 pm setting up for VBS. Michelle, Sierra, and Karen were still there when I left. Anyway, I hope you are a light to the people who cross your path today. I love and miss you. Carolyn

    • RWollard says:

      Thank you sweetie and thank you for praying. This trip gives me a new understanding of the word whirlwind! We have to change hotels now, so gotta run. Pray for Mary Rohrmayer; Danny is in the hopital and Gary is comming home early. I love you!!!

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