Genuine Life Change

This past weekend @springbrook, I was teaching on genuine life change, as seen through the lives of Cornelius and Peter [click here to listen]. Having committed my life to Christ later in life, I have typically best identified with Cornelius. I came to understand that it is not about being a good person, but rather understanding your need for Christ (Acts 11:33,34).

But now, having been a Christ-follower these past 14 years, I think I now can better identify with Peter. At first glance, I’m shocked that Peter argues with God 3 times about eating the food that was provided, and was really surprised by Peter’s attitude toward the gentiles. I found myself a little disappointed in Peter, but then I realized something. Peter exhibited some real spiritual growth as God laid out His plans to do a new thing. Peter was holding on tightly to what he believe to be true, and it just took Peter a little time to come around to what God wanted to accomplish – namely, the salvation of the Gentiles.

And then I thought to myself, how many times have I, like Peter, held on to something too tightly because I thought it was the right thing, when in fact God was trying to lead in a new direction?

Genuine life change is not only reflected when a non-believer makes a decision to place their faith in Jesus Christ, but is also reflected in the life of a believer as they move from positions of obstinance to obedience in every area of their life.

Genuine life change is not simply a decision; it is a life-long process of being conformed to the image of our Lord and Savior.

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