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Ummm… A Romans Steak!

Our small group just kicked off a 7-week study on the book of Romans.  How can you possibly cover the 16 chapters in Romans in 7 weeks?  Answer: very carefully and intentionally!  We got to the end of our group … Continue reading

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Discipleship: The Invitation is the definition

Put 10 people in a room and ask them what the purpose of the church is, and they will almost assuredly quickly agree it is to make disciples. Ask the same 10 people to define what a disciple looks like, … Continue reading

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Look Around You

You are reading this post right now, but I want to ask you to close your eyes for a moment, and describe what you see in your community. God ahead, quit reading right now, close your eyes, and describe what … Continue reading

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Genuine Life Change

This past weekend @springbrook, I was teaching on genuine life change, as seen through the lives of Cornelius and Peter [click here to listen]. Having committed my life to Christ later in life, I have typically best identified with Cornelius. … Continue reading

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Emergency Response Team Exercise

This past March I joined the Lake In The Hills (LITH) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). It required many hours of training and will enable me to assist our police and fire protection district in the event of a disaster … Continue reading

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Preparing for 2010

I have always been a big fan of Donald Whitney, and especially enjoy his work in Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life! This past week, from his Center for Biblical Spirituality website, Don posted 10 questions to ask of yourself … Continue reading

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We all have shelves of books on leadership, but when was the last time you read a good book on followship? Probably never; spellchecker doesn’t even like the word! Well, the Bible has always been my favorite book. But most … Continue reading

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