India Update – God is moving!

Local District Leaders

Local District Leaders

Well, it’s after midnight in India. We got back late last night and I was to wiped out to write up a summary. I was going to wait until tomorrow to write up today’s summary but then thought if I don’t do it now, it won’t happen! Isn’t that always the case.

I got into the hotel at midnight Tuesday night. The rest of the Converge and TTI team came in Wednesday morning and we met for an overview of our time together. The team was broken up into regional and district leader team trainers, and I am working with the district leaders. More on that later.

The first half of the day was administrative and relational, and then my team headed out for a 7 hour round trip excursion through Krishnagiri and Burgoon to visit and encourage local church plants and leaders. The weather turned bad and we did not get to meet with the first local congregation, but we had a fantastic time with their leadership team.

There were several people at the next church who had just committed their lives to Christ, so the village was really a buzz. Because foreigners (like me 🙂 standout so dramatically, they did not want to draw too much attention, so we weren’t able to meet with the open-air congregation. Again, we had a fantastic time with the local leaders.

The trip was long, but I had some very fruitful conversation with my team while we were traveling. The relational dynamics can be very complex, so I was grateful for the time to process through my list of questions.

My internet connection is cutting out and I’m about to pass out, so I’ll update today tomorrow morning. The spirit of God was moving today and we were all blessed beyond belief. I can hard wait to share with you! Thank you for your continued prayers.

On the journey together,

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