India Count Down

Only 12 days before heading off to India! It was a little nerve-racking waiting to get my visa back from the consulate. I sent it in early, just to allow some extra time, but due to process changes, just got it back. I’ll be posting updates later, but in preparation, here a few items I’m praying for:

  • Preparation: I’m preparing to teach two sessions at a regional gathering of church-planting district leaders on the topics of Purity, Integrity and Humility in the Christian Walk and Growing In Our Key Relationships.
  • Travel & Safety: Our group will be moving through many areas of southern and northern India. A lot of traveling through major cities and in remote locations.
  • Leadership Training: We will be learning from and training regional leaders, church planters, and local leaders.
  • Church-planting Network: A portion of our Springbrook DiscipleDriven initiative will support starting 100 new churches in northern India, connecting new and existing churches to Springbrook and our conference.
  • Communication: Keeping our church family up-to-date on progress, sharing and applying lessons learned, strengthening the Body of Christ and glorifying God.

Thank you for your prayers and support. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please share them. On the journey together!

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On The Journey Together
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