Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed

When I was a kid, I can remember asking my mom, “Who do you love best, me or my sister?” What kind of a question is that for a kid to ask; I mean really. I guess it makes me feel better to see the disciples arguing with Jesus in Luke 9:46 about which one he thought was greatest!

Having now raised 4 wonderful girls, I can honestly say as a parent, that I love each one of them equally. I can’t even imagine trying to pick one over the other; I couldn’t do it if I had to! Carolyn and I are so proud of our girls, and there are times when I just sit back in amazement of the great work that God has done in their lives, in spite of our own personal brokenness and lack of prepared parenting skills (well mine anyway; Carolyn is pretty sharp).

Today was one of those days where I had to sit back in amazement. My oldest daughter is turning 27 next month, and as I’ve pondered Psalm 40:4 today and listened to her story again from the perspective of one of her friends, I can’t help but cry out yet again, “Thank you God!” If you have a few moments, I thought this was a good read 🙂


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