NIV2011 – What’s the big deal?

When I was a kid, my first Bible wasith the King James Version (KJV), and thouest wouldest thinkith it would have done more damage to my ability to read and write!  On top of that stumbling block, I grew up with idea that the Latin Mass was the “Closest thing to Heaven on Earth,” and for some reason thought the Bible had been translated from Latin. Go figure.

After I became a Christian and understood my need for a relationship with Jesus Christ, I set out to buy a new Bible that I could understand and study.  Imagine my shock when on my quest at the age of 33, I found out the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek!  I later ended up at Trinity Seminary working on my MDiv, and like a kid in a candy store, I could not get enough learning about church history, ministry and language study.  I fell in love with the Bible and the Biblical text, and to this day, have a high regard for the authority of scripture.

I understand there are different translations used for different purposes, and this is a good thing, but the recent changes to the New International Version (NIV) are alarming to me. From my perspective, the NIV 2011 translation is not concerned about staying true to the text, but instead translated based on a bias regarding gender issues. I believe this new translation exacerbates the cultural chaos of role and gender confusion between the sexes, and even more disturbing is the decision to discontinue publishing the 1984 standard and force the purchase of the new 2011 version.

The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood has published an outstanding article on the gender language concerns [click here], which are significant, but based on my findings, I will no longer recommend the NIV. I’ve been working with the English Standard Version (ESV) these past few weeks and have enjoyed that translation as an alternative for reading, and enjoy the New American Standard Bible (NASB) for my study.

It will be interesting to see how things develop moving forward, and if Zondervan & Biblica will abandon the NIV2011 like they did the TNIV, but in the mean time, guard the truth!

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