Change: Ready or not, here it comes!

Change is all around us, all the time. If you facing a change in your life, family, work or ministry, you might find these 4 insights from The Nines Leadership Network important to know:

  1. Understand what doesn’t change
  2. In every situation there are things that should never change, intrinsic principles, values, and absolute truths that are central to existence.

  3. Do your creative work first and reactive work second.
  4. Email, phone calls and things that “pop up” are important, but that is not your primary calling if you are to lead beyond where you are.

  5. Lose the distractions
  6. There are many good things, but not everything is profitable. Distractions and interruptions will chip away at the time available in your day.

  7. Keep growing and learning
  8. In order for change to happen, new information has to come in, and that comes only from study, growth, learning new things.

As I prepare for 2011, I am praying for areas God wants to grow me, our family, and our ministry, and I think numbers 1 and 4 are where I will focus my energy.

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3 Responses to Change: Ready or not, here it comes!

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  2. Those are encouraging thoughts to focus on specific areas of prayer. That’s a great title too! I’m going to link this article to my blog resources as Converge International Ministries goes through our changes. Brian

  3. RWollard says:

    Thank you for you note Brian! Trust all is well with our international CWW family 🙂

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