Wollard-Meadowland Update


I just wanted to give you a quick update and thank you for praying for our family during this transition from Meadowland to Springbrook. In the last 6 weeks, we have seen God move in miraculous ways.

We started a series at Meadowland immediately following my announcement to our congregation called, ‘Living Out a Faith That Matters.” During this series, 4 or 5 of our ministry team leaders shared their testimonies each week, and answered the questions, 1) why do I serve at Meadowland, 2) why is the ministry I serve important, and 3) where have I seen God at work? Each week I tied those ministries to the teaching and our vision, and I was blown away by the miraculous work God did.

We have had leaders step forward to pick up responsibility, we have had families step forward for membership and sign up for ministries, and most importantly… we have celebrated 8 baptism, our last one this week!

This is my last Sunday at Meadowland, and while this has been a difficult transition for me and we still have a lot of work to do, I know that we can rest firm in the claim of Jesus that this is his church, and the kingdom of darkness will not overcome!

We have a new associate pastor we are introducing this Sunday, we have a search team formed that is excited about working with our conference to find a new senior pastor, all of our ministries have good leaders over them, and everyone is looking toward Christ and the future; God is good!

Thank you for your friendship. I covet your prayers, and am grateful for each of you, for the great conference of churches we are a part of, and for the awesome God we serve. May the grace and peace of Christ rest on you!

On the journey with you,


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2 Responses to Wollard-Meadowland Update

  1. CDM in IL says:

    Hey there, Richard, it’s Carol Martin! I just discovered your blog so thought I would post a note here. Mike and I are sorry that we had to miss your last Sunday at Meadowland and the Open House. We will sure miss you, Carolyn, and the girls. You have all been a blessing to us and you were a blessing to Mike many years before the birth of Meadowland. There really are no words to express how much you will be missed, but I trust that God’s Will prevails in both your life and at Meadowland. I’ll keep an eye here to see what’s new. 🙂

  2. Here there,Just getting settled and catching up on some email stuff. Thank you for you note, and know that you are missed as well. Each Sunday morning for me is bitter/sweet as I prepare for waht God would have in the morning here at Springbrook and think about our family at Meadowland. Count on my continued prayers for you, our leadership team, and our family at Meadowland!

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