Making Room On My Bookshelf

Over the last 2 years I have read through or perused several books and have run out of space on my shelf. So, I am cleaning off my book shelf, right, and I have this collection of books called ’20 Centuries of Great Preaching’ someone gave me years ago that I have never looked at. Well, I looked at it once, and with all the “thouests” and “shants”, I never could get into them.

So I am getting ready to sell this collection on ebay because it is using up some valuable real-estate; who knows, maybe someone will give me $25 for our Journey of Faith. I’m looking through the first couple of pages for a description, when I run into the first sermon in the book. After reading it for a few minutes, I find myself thinking, man, this stuff isn’t half bad. Imagine my surprise when I go back to the beginning of the chapter to find out it is actually a sermon from Acts chapter 6 & 7!

The book actually began with Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and Peter’s sermon at Pentecost. The next chapter was an anonymous sermon from Isaiah 54:1, which also happens to be from the oldest surviving sermon manuscript.

Needless to say, there are several lessons here. 1) Don’t judge a book by its cover; 2) History is a great teacher; and most important for me today, 3) When it comes to reading, the Bible shall remain my first priority.

Maybe this collection isn’t so bad after all; I guess I’ll have to find more room on my bookshelf some other way.

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