Focal Point

Last month, after reading Ezra chapter 8 verses 22-23, I started praying and fasting, specifically for 5 things. As I look back on the last month, and clarify those 5 things, here is what they are:

1. For revival in our church and spiritual awakening in our community.
2. For leaders on our Journey of Faith teams.
3. For unity in our church as we step out together through Journey of Faith.
4. For message preparation and a lasting legacy vision.
5. For increase faith, and balance in my relationships.


1. Clarify, what does this look like; baptisms, people talking about Christ, inviting others to church, serving others in our community, etc.
2. We need someone for our Bridge Team
3. Clarify, what does this look like; involvement on JOF teams, financial commitments, etc.
4. Message 1, John 17 (Daryl’s video), Continue to pray for Message 2-4.
5. Clarify, measured by what am I anxious about, how much time in prayer and Bible, what would Carolyn and the kids say, what would elders and staff say?

Fasting & prayer go together. I need to move beyond one meal a day and focus on intensified prayer.

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