I… Can’t… Do it !!!

Okay, I was messing around with my blog, thinking this might be the way to go. I mean everyone else is doing it, right?

I have a couple of blogs I visit where the guys are REALLY into it. They post routinely, their posts are filled with wisdom, and on and on and on. I get over to their blogs once every, I don’t know, 2 months. I pick around looking for things that might interest me, and then get stuck. It’s like, so what. Do I book mark their information, some of their great insights; do I copy it and save it to one of the directories on my computer; do I print it off to share with my leadership team; do I somehow store it for a future sermon illustration. Just how much time should I spend looking at someone else’s blogs?

And then there is the so what factor. I have noticed that almost no one ever leaves a comment. It is not like we interact with or talk with others about all these little gems of information out there. And who is looking at all these gems of information anyway? How much time should I spend writing and responding to blog posts?

I have been using a connection planner developed by the Bible League , that is probably the best resource I have ever found (15 years as a health care executive, 6 years pastoral ministry) that combines my daily devotions, calendar, journal, and prayer activities. I have a hard enough time doing that. Where does the blog fit in. Do I copy all of my journaling from my Bible League system to my blog so I can share my little pearls with others; do I replace what I am doing with a blog; do I do both. I don’t know.

I mean, if I am going to spend countless hours blogging, should I expect to interact with anyone about what I am sharing? If so, do I even have the time with all of my other commitments. And if I am not going to interact with anyone about what is going on with my blog, why blog at all. I mean really. When it comes to information, I have access to global information on any topic within 2 seconds with a simple Google search.

Anyway, all this to say, I don’t know if I can blog. I have spent almost 30 minutes thinking about and writing this post. I would be interested in your thoughts about it. I’ll send this link to a few people, but in the end – who will read it, who will respond to it, and really, who cares?

I have someone waiting to talk to me, my phone is ringing, and I have to start working on my sermon. I just used 6% of my day writing this post – hope you enjoyed it.

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