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What My Dog Trainer Taught Me About Leadership | Michael Hyatt

We all influence people around us. Sometimes it’s a positive influence and sometimes, well, it’s not so positive. When it comes to influence, or leadership, how would you characterize your influence, and is it accidental or intentional? Ran across this … Continue reading

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Ummm… A Romans Steak!

Our small group just kicked off a 7-week study on the book of Romans.  How can you possibly cover the 16 chapters in Romans in 7 weeks?  Answer: very carefully and intentionally!  We got to the end of our group … Continue reading

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Feeling Blessed

When I was a kid, I can remember asking my mom, “Who do you love best, me or my sister?” What kind of a question is that for a kid to ask; I mean really. I guess it makes me … Continue reading

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Jesus, my Savior

I just have to say, of all the books I’ve read or have on my shelf, the Bible is my favorite! I wish I could spend all of my time in it, but I have other responsibilities pressing on me … Continue reading

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Temporarily Blinded

I read a post about our U.S. 16 TRILLION dollar debt this week, and have been really thinking about my role in this upcoming presidential election. Apple sued Samsung and won this week, which is like Ford suing Chevy because they have … Continue reading

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NIV2011 – What’s the big deal?

When I was a kid, my first Bible wasith the King James Version (KJV), and thouest wouldest thinkith it would have done more damage to my ability to read and write!  On top of that stumbling block, I grew up … Continue reading

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T-Minus 11,300 days and counting

So it was my birthday last week, and I am still in my 40’s! I will cling to that until the day after the last day, but I am also a realist and am comfortable with aging. In Psalm 90:12, … Continue reading

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